Writing a PhD Dissertation

Writing a PhD Dissertation

How to Write a PHD Thesis

Just how do you write a thesis? What are you supposed to include in your thesis and how should you format your thesis. These are some of the questions you should ask yourself when writing a PHD thesis. The problem is, there is no exact formula of writing a PHD thesis. Different MBA students have different techniques of coming up with a good thesis. The main challenge for most people is that PHD thesis writing is not something you have encountered before. Probably as an undergraduate, you were probably taught about all the stuff you have to do to excel in essay writing as well as dissertation writing. Problem is, PHD level writing requires some sort of expertise in how you undertake the whole process. If you choose something that is not quite your alley, you will struggle with both the topic and your course such that you may not achieve that doctorate. Essentially, when writing a PHD thesis, just know that nobody else have previously done what you’re researching on so the expectations from your research are quite high.

When writing a PHD thesis, you must be a risk taker. This means that it is important you put yourself in a position of critique where people are allowed to judge, speculate and oppose your argument. This is something that most doctorate students fail to do. Naturally, you find that the content of your thesis is not always balanced. Some parts of your arguments maybe stronger than others. This explains why when most people are editing their thesis; they try to strengthen the weak bit of the thesis so as to make the argument more concrete and viable. However when you take this approach to writing your thesis, this can put you in such a situation that you develop the defensive instincts. You find that you might start suspecting your argument and the precision of your thesis which ultimately weakens your argument in subsequent parts.

It makes more sense to try and concentrate on your stronger areas. The examiner will not look at what you have not done but rather, how well articulated is your argument. Another important thing to understand when writing a PHD thesis is that the supervisor does not always specify on the format or even the technique of writing your PHD thesis. Different supervisors’ have what they look for in a thesis. As a good PHD student, always revisit previous thesis samples by your supervisor to understand what he/she may look for in your thesis. When writing the content of your thesis, you are bound to be carried away and some sentence may come out as extremely long since you are thinking as you write. However, avoid run-on sentences. Try to mix it up between long and short sentences.

Writing a solid MBA thesis requires an uninterrupted amount of time especially if you are writing about a relative complex topic. During the process, avoid much distraction and always try to concentrate so that you are able to grab onto your ideas. Another important thing to remember when writing a PHD thesis is that you need to narrow your ideas. There are so many ideas and topics to choose form but remember, writing about everything that crosses your mind is like a crowd of people trying to push through a narrow door. Pick one specific issue of contention and give it as much time as possible and ultimately, you will come up with an excellent PHD thesis.