Outlines for narrative essays

Outlines for narrative essays

The narrative essay is an essay that is supposed to tell the story. It takes the reader from one point to another, and will usually use a story arc to do so. The story arc is not something that you may read in a fictional story. It is more a means of getting the reader from one point or position, to another.

The introduction of the narrative essay outline

The outline for your narrative essay should not be restrictive in any way. This is because the narrative essay is not all about attempting use logic or reference material as a means of proving a point, or producing evidence. The introduction should tell the reader what you’re going to write about. It should set the scene for the reader at the starting point. By the end of the essay they will have moved from the starting point to whatever direction the narrative has lead them.

The body of the essay

Creating an outline for this is very difficult because there is no way of knowing how the author intends to take the reader along the story arc. However it is highly recommended that the writer maintains a certain sort of flow. Therefore it is recommended that the writer sets out a certain number of points. They should be used to create the narrative essay outline. The outline can be used in order to create the paragraphs for the body of the essay.

The conclusion of the essay

With most essays this would involve bringing the thesis statement into play and mixing it with the information in the body of the essay. With a narrative essay however, it is a little bit different. The conclusion of the essay should try to highlight the journey that the user has been on. The conclusion should try to show where the reader started from and where the reader ended up. Outline the conclusion as more of a review of what had happened within the essay. However there are many occasions people may decide to add points to the narrative essay from within the conclusion. So if the narrative essay was leading towards those points, then they should be highlighted and/or reiterated within the conclusion.

The reference lists

Some narrative essays will reference the work others, and if you decide to add references, then you need a list of them at the bottom of your essay. They are not commonly needed, but should be included if you referred to other works whilst creating your essay.